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Just Stay~We'll fight those who chose to never see

dance so slowly

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16 April 1991
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Aim - MOMO LaSquiggle
Skype - Awful Sweet
Email - Bluebirds_illusion@yahoo.com
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Hello. My name Is Taylor! XD
I'm 18...uhmmm...
I live In Massachusetts, with my mummy and twin sister
in this stupid little town on the south shore...
and I cant stand it here. >_<
I have pink hair and what not..
I find it lovely. XD

I just graduated from South shore vo-tech last June
I took Graphic Design.
I miss my shop family like you don't understand!
Now I'm going to The New England Institute of Art
for photography. *thumbs up*

For some reason I'm afraid of everything - and I hate it.
and I apologize every 3 seconds. Even things i shouldn't? I'm really insecure
I always feel like people hate me and judge me before they know me and thats not really fair.
But I'm kinda starting to get over it now?

I find it hard to trust lots of people now a days.
Cuz i constantly get fucked over.
You could say that I hate myself like 95% of the time so ya gotta get use to it :P
Uhm there's a lot more about me but I'm not gunna put it here cuz i dont wanna. So if you want to know more just chat with me? :D</center>

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