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Nothing amazing happens here,
and you get used to that.
Used to a world where everything is ordinary. Every day we spend here is like a whole lifetime of dying slowly

History of Photo..

I forgot to bring my slippers to class today.
and this room makes me fall asleep so fast.
before the end of this class i shall sink into this couch and fall asleep, wake up later and realize the notes i typed = gjrongrekngkeg.
i know it.
dunkin donuts will not help.
noting i try helps. slumber shall always catch me. XD

The sooner this lass is over, the sooner i get in the print lab. and the sooner im done with that the sooner i get to go back to Nick's Dorm! :D


Soo… I got to image manipulation this morning and found out that we were spending the whole class in the studio doing photo shoots! :DD

I looked like complete poo today. and decided to just be ridiculous about the situation.

and this is pretty much what happened.

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I love the studio :D
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